Premium IPL Handset device

User Manual

First of all we want to thank you for choosing Derminds! The only official device in Israel. To get the most out of it and use of the device in the best way and get the best results, please follow the user manual before using it.

* It is important for us to emphasize, it may seem long and full of information, but the use of the device is very, very simple and intuitive! For your safety, please read the entire manual carefully

Is the device charged?

The device is not charged, must be plugged in to the power while using it

How long should treatment be performed?

A series of treatments is 12 weeks.
Treatment is performed once a week for the first two weeks. Then starting from the 3rd week must go up twice a week to achieve an effective result, whole body treatment lasts between 20-30 minutes
A total of 20 treatments (2 in the first two weeks, then 18 in the remaining 9 weeks), if you have not reached the desired result within 12 weeks, you have nothing to panic about! These are just statistics. You can continue with a frequency of once a week

What areas of the body can be used?

The IPL hair removal device can be used on all parts of the body! Both inside and in the intimate areas. Please check the table of skin tones and hair tones below to check out the effective IPL device for your skin & hair tone.

Men? Do not use on the penis and testicles, only above and below

Women? We recommend using only a bikini line to take increased safety measures, however we have lots of clients who have performed on the outer lips and reported nice results 🥰

?Is it possible to use the face
Certainly, but - we recommend performing on the face only in the following areas - mustache, between the eyebrows (possible chin but note that this is a very stubborn area and not sure there will be results in this area), wigs - you can also perform treatment if you removed the hair there before. The rest of the face is a hormonal area and there are lots of dormant hair follicles that may come out in contact with a flash of light. In these areas it is possible to perform on the hair without shaving as long as the hair is not longer than half a centimeter

?Tendency to pigmentation
We recommend not treating the area where there has been pigmentation in the past

Steps for using your Derminds IPL device!

זכוכית קוורץ - קסנון - Quartz Xenon
חומר צינור מנורת ההבזק
Intese Pulsed Light - IPL
1.5 - 3.9 / J/ cm²
רמת עוצמה
גודל הפוקוס
470nm ~ 1100nm
אורך גל ההבזק
500,000 הבזקים
אורך חיי המנורה (כמות הבזקים)
100~240V כניסת AC
12V3A/2.5A יציאת DC
ספק כוח
5~30 מעלות צלזיוס
טמפרטורה לשימוש
186 גרם
משקל המכשיר
124*83*48.5mm³ גודל המכשיר

שתפו אותנו ברשתות החברתיות ותייגו!